If you’re thinking of adding chip repair as a source of income to your business, you’re probably thinking “just how much money can I make out of it?” – so we’re here to do the sums for you.

An Esprit Elite kit costs £728.50 plus VAT. This kit contains all the hardware you need for long term use, plus has enough initial resin packs to carry out 40 repairs. Our market research tells us that chip repair can be charged at between £20 – £30 per repair. Even at the lowest range of £20, that means that you could charge £800 for repairs carried out with the kit – a profit of £72 at the lowest end of the scale. If you’re charging £30, that’s a profit of £471.

But the best part is, once you have the kit, you don’t need to buy it again – you only have to replace the consumables. Replacement resin packs of 2ml resin cost £13.27 and will carry out 10 repairs. If you charge £20 per repair, that’s a profit of £186.73 on each resin pack – around a £18 profit per repair.

Plus you’re backed up by the Esprit promise of great technical support – an online training video which is also mobile enabled, technical staff in our UK based offices and a knowledge that Esprit have been creating windscreen repair equipment for nearly 40 years.