This guide presents a short introduction to the Esprit Windscreen Repair System that will help you get the most out of our kits.

What is the Esprit Windscreen Repair System? 

Designed for garages, independent windscreen repair technicians and other professionals, Esprit is a windscreen repair system for the commercial market.

It is a cost-effective alternative to windscreen replacements that uses special acrylic resin to plug damaged glass and UV lights to seal glass.

What sets the Esprit Windscreen Repair System apart from competitors is the quality of the materials used. The Esprit system is BS AU 251:1994 certified, meaning that it meets the same performance standard as original windscreens for strength, optical performance and climatic resistance in the stringent British regulatory system.

Esprit windscreen repair kits include everything you need to clean and prepare an affected area as well as equipment to inject and harden the resin effectively.

A second-generation family business, Esprit Windscreen Repair Equipment Ltd. is incredibly proud that it has been able to maintain high standards of culture and customer service while also expanding to distribute internationally.

How Can I Get an Esprit Windscreen Repair System? 

The Esprit Windscreen Repair System is designed to be used by professionals.

Our windscreen repair kits are available to purchase online, but we also recommend that users participate in training to ensure that they can provide the highest-quality repairs.

You can download our video training guides online or speak to a member of the team to arrange more in-depth face-to-face training. Call: 01782 565 811.

Commercial vs Domestic Windscreen Repair Kits

Classic DV kit red case 2018 Windscreen RepairA range of domestic windscreen repair kits are now available to buy online and from high street stores.

These domestic windscreen repair kits typically cost £10 or less and can minimise the appearance of small chips and cracks. They typically will not restore a windscreen to 100% strength and chips or cracks may still spread.

Commercial kits like Esprit’s Windscreen Repair System can:

⚫ Make cracks and chips invisible

⚫ Restore the strength of

⚫ Stop damage from spreading

⚫ Pass original quality certifications like BS AU 251:199

Esprit Windscreen Repair Vs Autoglass

The Esprit and Autoglass repair systems are similar. Each process uses special resin and a UV light hardening process.

The key difference between Autoglass and Esprit Windscreen Repair is that Autoglass use their own technicians to repair customer windscreens, while Esprit sell products to independent technicians, giving them the opportunity to sell windscreen repair to their own customers.

Health and safety information

In this section, we introduce some of the health and safety concerns you should consider before using the Esprit Windscreen Repair System.

For more detailed instructions on how to repair a windscreen using an Esprit system, download our video training guides.

⚫ Wear nitrile protective gloves to prevent irritation caused by acrylic acid present in the resin.

⚫ Protect your eyes at all times using 100% UV blocking safety glasses provided in the kit.

⚫ Make sure you observe minimum waiting times where indicated on products. Failing to do so could affect the quality of a repair.

⚫ Additional health and safety information can be found on the card supplied with each resin pack.

⚫ Use a bonnet cover while undertaking repairs so that acrylic acid in the resin does not damage car paintwork.

Bonnet Cover

For more information about the Esprit Windscreen Repair System, call: 01782 565 811.