This blog post is the fourth in a series of simplified guides explaining how to use Esprit’s Windscreen Repair Kit.

More detailed instructions are available to download in video format and multilingual instruction manuals.

Previous blog posts explained how to prepare a windscreen chip, how to set up the resin applicator and how to apply and check the resin. This blog post will deal with how to finish the repair by curing with a UV light.

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UV Curing

Once you are satisfied that the resin has filled the break, and that no more air can be removed you can complete the repair using the 12v LED UV curing lamp from the Esprit Windscreen Repair Kit.

The use of the UV curing lamp will harden the resin, sealing the screen and preventing moisture ingress. UV curing also restores the windscreen to its original strength and prevents wiper damage.

UV Curing

First, remove the injector and bridge from the screen.

Wipe away any excess resin.

Take a small pre-cut square of mylar film and the bottle of pit fill resin.

Hold the plastic film just below the impact crater, peeling back one edge.

Apply one or two drops of the pit fill resin just above the impact crater and allow it to run into the damaged area.

Gently allow the sheet to fall over the resin prior to curing, but do not press down.

The cured resin should be sitting proud on the surface of the screen prior to curing.  Ensure that no air bubbles are present in the pit fill resin.

Take the UV lamp from the case and place over the area to be cured, pressing down firmly, and using a “rocking” action to expel the air from the suckers.

Make sure you are wearing the 100% UV blocking safety glasses before switching on the lamp.

Switch on the UV lamp.  After 75 seconds the lamp will automatically shut off. Only one cycle of UV light needs to be applied to cure the resin.

After curing, gently remove the UV lamp by lifting the tab of each sucker.

Before you finish the repair, you need to scrape away any excess pit fill resin so that the repair is flush with the surface of the screen. To do this, take the single sided razor blade and hold at 90-degree angle to the screen.


Press down firmly whilst moving the blade rapidly back and forth and in different directions.

Once the excess resin is removed, use a cloth to take a small dab of pit fill polish from the jar and rub this over the impact crater around the glass. After about a minute the transparency of the screen should be greatly improved.

The windscreen repair is now complete. All that’s left to do is clean your equipment, so it’s in good condition for your next repair.

About Esprit Windscreen Repair

Esprit windscreen kits are used by garages, windscreen repair companies and other professionals as a cost-effective alternative to replacing a windshield.

Repairs typically take 30 minutes or less and the kits meet the British Standard BS AU251:1994 specification for automotive laminated windscreen repair systems, as well as the equivalent standards in Australia and New Zealand.

A family-owned company, Esprit provides kits to some of the nation’s biggest vehicle repair brands, including Halfords Autocentres and National Windscreens. They also supply the repair kits internationally through distributors in Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.