This blog post is the fourth in a series of simplified guides explaining how to use Esprit’s Windscreen Repair Kit.

More detailed instructions are available to download in video format and multilingual instruction manuals.

Previous blog posts explained how to prepare a windscreen chip, how to set up the resin applicator and how to apply and check the resin. This blog post will deal with how to finish the repair by curing with a UV light.

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Cleaning the equipment

To prolong the life of your equipment it is important to clean each component.

The gel on the Elite Bridge sucker should be wiped away using a cloth.

To clean the syringe assembly, remove the needle and plunger and carefully clean the black seal on the plunger.

The inside of the syringe can be dried using a rolled-up piece of dry cloth. Any residual resin should also be removed from the needle.

Next dismantle the injector assembly and again use a rolled up piece of cloth to dry the inside of the female injector barrel. Also make sure the tip of the plunger is clean and dry.

It is especially important to clean the injector seal very carefully, completely wiping away any excess resin.  This will prolong the life of the injector.

And return all equipment to the correct place in the carry case.

What's inside Esprit windscreen repair kit

This completes our overview of the repair process using the Esprit kit and resin. For further questions and enquiries please get in touch. Call: +44 (0)1782 565811 or email:

About Esprit Windscreen Repair

Esprit windscreen kits are used by garages, windscreen repair companies and other professionals as a cost-effective alternative to replacing a windshield.

Repairs typically take 30 minutes or less and the kits meet the British Standard BS AU251:1994 specification for automotive laminated windscreen repair systems, as well as the equivalent standards in Australia and New Zealand.

A family-owned company, Esprit provides kits to some of the nation’s biggest vehicle repair brands, including Halfords Autocentres and National Windscreens. They also supply the repair kits internationally through distributors in Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.