Repairing on these cold days does require a few specialist skills. Firstly, your Esprit resin is absolutely fine in the cold. Optimal repairing temp is between 10 and 25 degrees, and below 10 degrees the resin starts to thicken. It’s still fine to use though. If it’s stored in your kit, it’ll be good to use as soon as you need it – even for our customers in Sweden, Norway, Poland and Finland.

But when you’re getting your screen ready to repair, this is the time of year that the Esprit heater really comes into its own. It’s necessary to warm the inside of the screen to open up the break, especially those tiny hairline cracks that are really hard to see. This allows the resin to penetrate through every little fissure to give a fantastic result. I know some repairers use a lighter to warm the screen – but this isn’t the best idea. It’s really hard to control the temperature with a lighter, and if the screen gets too hot, it can actually fuse the repair, meaning that resin is stopped from getting to the places that you need it.

Our heater is set to warm up to just the right temperature so that the screen should be warm, but not hot to the touch. The heater on the screen also warms the resin, making it more viscous and easy to use. The trick for repairing in the cold is to take your time, don’t rush the pressure on pressure off cycle; allow the resin to slowly fill the cracks – it may take a bit longer if the resin is thicker than normal. We’ve recently upgraded our heater and instead of taking a minute to heat up, it now takes 15 seconds – all at the same price as the original heater. These new heaters are now in all kits. Apart from that, all your Esprit kit items work just as well in the cold as in the heat. Winter is a good time for repairs – gritted roads and murky conditions mean that cars are more likely to have chip damage, and it’s important to get these repaired as soon as possible to avoid getting dirt into the break, stopping you from getting an excellent result.


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