There is a lot of discussion in our industry about resins. How thick or thin should they be, how quickly do they cure, what is the viscosity? There is also a lot of discussion about British Safety Standards and whether resin alone should hold the standard (which currently requires both equipment and resin to be tested). But we rarely hear discussion about how that resin is put into the chip and yet the equipment used is vitally important.

How do you ensure that you get a strong, stable seal on every repair, in any location and in varying weather so that you can produce the same great repair result every time with the minimum of fuss?

When looking for a repair kit it is important that you consider how simple and easy the equipment is to set up. Getting the injector nozzle perpendicular to a curved windscreen is essential to ensure the  perfect seal. The perfect seal is important to ensure not only that resin isn’t wasted, but so that the seal remains intact as the pressure increases to force the resin into the chip. Your repair equipment has to be simple and yet strong enough to ensure the injector is in this position each and every time you repair. This is why Esprit moved to the simple Elite Bridge, with a cam lever locking device and a single sucker to fix onto the screen.

Once the resin has been introduced into the repair – you need to confidence that the lamp being used to cure the resin will effect a cure right into the resin as far down as the laminate and not just a surface cure. Esprit resin and equipment has been jointly designed with the resin manufacturer to ensure that the repair is as strong as new glass and a deep cure. This means that the damage won’t fragment in the event of an accident, nor if a car wash puts excessive pressure on the repair – keeping your customer happy.

As you perform multiple repairs, having equipment that is simple to clean and maintain is also key and for those parts that do wear and tear, knowing that you have a supplier who can provide fast delivery and high quality replacement parts with a quick online, phone or email ordering system.

As your business grows and you take on new team members the simpler the function the easier it will be to get them up to speed and making more repairs to help boost your bottom line. At Esprit we provide free online or in person training at our Staffordshire premises, plus refresher training if you have new staff who haven’t carried out windscreen repair before.