Mandatory MOT testing restarted on 1 August following the hiatus due to Covid, and we suspect that if you’re a garage carrying out MOTs, you’re getting pretty busy. The DVSA has commenced a “Beat the Rush” campaign, to encourage garages to contact their past customers to suggest that they book in early. If you haven’t seen your MOT numbers begin to rise, the DVSA suggests using social media and email to contact previous customers to remind them that mandatory testing has restarted.

Did you know that Esprit windscreen repairs are usually MOT compliant if carried out under BS AU 242a? If a customer has a chip or break on their windscreen, this can be repaired, helping the car pass the MOT. Result – happy customer. Check out the information sheet in the kit which shows what size of break can be repaired where on the screen. Early repairing of chips and breaks is always a good idea. If the customer leaves a break for too long, dirt and water can get inside the windscreen, meaning it’s harder to get a great result. Or worst case, the screen can crack, meaning a costly replacement.

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