Following on from our last newsletter, where we updated you on our various training options, we’ve had quite a few customers asking what our bespoke options are. The answer is – you can build this option to suit you and your staff.

Are you a garage or group of garages who have new staff who all need to be trained? We can arrange for our trainer to come to you, or to a suitable location. They’ll bring everything they need, you’ll all get the chance to repair a break, cracks too if necessary, and our trainer will stay until we’re convinced they can all repair to the standard required of BSI AU 242. Your staff will all receive a certificate confirming this as well.

Alternatively, if you’re close to Stoke on Trent, we can arrange a training session for you and your staff at our training school. If you’re a group of garages, we can arrange a suitable central location, and set up a training session there. We limit the numbers at our private training sessions to ensure that everyone gets a really great, personal service.

Costs for the bespoke service vary, based on how many people we’re training and how far you are from our Stoke base. You can also often offset the cost of the training against purchases of products.

And remember, our in house or online training is also available for free with the purchase of an Elite kit, and our online refresher training is available as well, with the cost offset against purchases.

Our kit is pretty simple to use, but to get the best out of it, and to ensure that your technicians are fully compliant with BSI AU 242, training really is a great option to ensure you’re getting a great result every time.