We are pleased to announce that Esprit has received accreditation from Made in Britain. This means that Esprit is part of a group of companies who are certified as British manufacturers. Ever since Esprit started back in 1981 we have manufactured in Britain, with components mainly from British suppliers. 

We love manufacturing on site. It means we know that we can maintain a quantifiable high standard, can adapt our quantities easily according to customer demand and can update and review our products as and when necessary.

We also find that using British suppliers for our components means that we can be agile when responding to customer demands, and can also easily evaluate our potential suppliers, making sure that we always find high quality components.

Ever since its inception, Esprit has strived to provide the highest quality goods, at a great price. Our long term relationships with many of our British suppliers means that we can negotiate great deals, and we pass those savings onto our customers. 

The Made in Britain accreditation is another confirmation that we are providing great quality goods, with a trustworthy pedigree.