Glasscorp and Esprit have a relationship stretching back to the late 1980s, when they became Esprit’s first overseas distributor. Glasscorp, a NZ privately owned and operated company, had seen the Esprit product and thought it would be a great fit into their stable of products which sell everything you could need in the glazing industry.

Glasscorp are the NZ market leader in the supply of window and glazing related products, and have a strong automotive customer base, making Glasscorp and Esprit a perfect fit. 

Since then our products have regularly shipped to New Zealand and John Wellard remembers the thrill of sending products to the other side of the world. “We loved the idea that our product, that we were so proud of, would be used by people as far away from the UK as it was possible to be”. John first visited New Zealand in the 1990s and was impressed by the set up and the huge range of products sold. 

Glasscorp supply everything you could ever need for the glazing industry, as well as having a huge amount of specialist knowledge of the industry, and a skilled sales force, so if you’re looking to expand and sell your products into New Zealand, then look no further than Glasscorp. Check out their website at