At Esprit we’re always listening to our customers, and something that has been mentioned over the years is that people would love to have the option of a metal injector. You asked, we listened and are proud to introduce the new metal injector, launching in April.

These new injectors are durable, high quality and perform amazingly well. They can be cleaned with the included IPA spray endless times and come with a 3 year warranty. We hope you love them, but if you prefer the plastic injectors, don’t worry, they will still be available as well.

If you would like to pre-order a metal injector set (which includes the IPA E-Spray, a 2ml resin, six replacement seals and syringe set) please contact us at and we will put one aside for you. 

As mentioned above, the second new product which launched in March is our E-Spray, the Esprit branded IPA spray. This can be used to clean the break before the repair, as well as cleaning the injectors and the syringe and needle afterwards. We’re getting great feedback from our customers on this product – its high alcohol content means no residue is left and there’s nothing to contaminate the break or the equipment. It’s on the website now, so grab a bottle and give it a try.