Esprit and BTB have a long history and we’re big fans of the BTB glass removal kits. If your customers remove glass in any forms (screens, windows etc – we know London Underground used them to remove and replace train windows before the London Olympics) then BTB will have a suitable tool. There are two removal tools; the high powered air tool, which is used by professionals in a workshop situation and the battery powered E-Tool which is used where you don’t have a power supply. Then there are a multitude of blades that can be used for specific types of glass removal. BTB will even create you their own bespoke blade if you can’t find one that suits your task. These blades come in sets, or you can mix and match your own.

Additionally, the Pinchweld trimming kit is perfect for finishing off the job once the glass has been removed. The blades trim the urethane and leave a thin layer, ready for rebonding, ensuring that the area isn’t damaged – plus it’s much safer than using a Stanley knife and they come in a smart roll up pouch, which looks very professional.

Contact us for more information and pricing – we can also do online demos or arrange an onsite demo.