When Esprit first launched, back in 1981, we created the Classic Bridge, which we initially manufactured in house. You might recognise this bridge, with its three legs and two suckers – maybe you still use it? When John Wellard first set up Esprit, he would file and shape these in his workshop, before spraying them himself.

The kit underwent a revamp and we introduced the Elite Bridge, with its recognisable ergonomic shape, large clip to hold it steady in the right place, and moveable arm. The Classic bridge is still a great piece of kit, and for the occasional repairer, it’s a really good, cost effective option. The Elite Bridge has the advantage that the head can be moved once the Bridge is firmly in place, allowing the repairer to line up the head perfectly with the break, and also move it to one side to check the damage throughout the repairing process, if necessary.

We test every Bridge before they’re sent out – they sit on an upright piece of glass for at least 24 hours so that we’re really confident that they’ll hold in place during your repairs.

Both bridges work with our new stainless steel injectors, and with the plastic injectors if you prefer using these.

We know some of you have had Classic bridges for years – anyone out there using one from the 1990s? We love the fact that our products really last and go the distance.