As you know, at Esprit we sell both the Elite kit and the Compact Kit. So which one should you choose or recommend, and why? 

The Elite kit is the kit for the professional repairer. It’s full of everything the regular repairer needs to carry out great repairs. It contains the LED lamp, Elite Bridge, Proxxon drill, as well as a few extras like the heater and a timer. It also contains enough resin to carry out around 40 repairs, and is all presented in a great high quality, long lasting case.

The Compact Kit is perfect for the occasional repairer. It has a lower price point, and although its full of the same high quality Esprit products, it has a little less resin in it (enough for around 20 repairs), and is pared back to give it a great competitive price. Whatever your customers’ needs, whether repairing is the main part of their business, or an add on, there’s an Esprit kit that suits their needs. 

Contact us today for pricing options, and to discuss your needs.