We know that some of our customers buy their resin from other suppliers, so why should you come to Esprit for your supplies? 

Our Esprit resin has been specifically formulated to work with the Esprit Repair Kit. Esprit resin is a high quality, UV resin which will seamlessly repair cracked windscreens and is fully compliant to BS AU 251:1994 and Australia and New Zealand AS/NZ2366.2:1999.

Different companies sometimes recommend using thicker or thinner resins for different types of repairs. Deep cracks or breaks may need a thicker resin and smaller breaks can be successfully repaired with a thinner consistency. At Esprit we only sell one type of resin which can be successfully used for all repairs, including deep cracks and breaks, and also provides a great repair for smaller chips and breaks. 

When you use Esprit resin with an Esprit kit, you know you’re using resin that is specially formulated to work perfectly together with the kit, and at a great price point. When you buy Esprit resin, you also know that you’re able to access all the support, both online and over the phone from Esprit, and you also know that you’re compliant with the relevant British Standards. 

Contact us today to discuss your resin needs.