Our resin is specifically designed to be used with the Esprit system. The chemical composition of each resin is designed to cure at different wavelengths, triggered by the lamp supplied with your kit. Lots of resins have similar ingredients, but subtle differences have a big impact on the outcome of the repair – sometimes not even visible to the eye, such as deep curing the repair and ensuring it won’t fail weeks or months down the line. 

Other companies do sell resin which probably works with the system, but we strongly recommend ours for a few reasons. Firstly, if you have any problems with your repairs, and you’ve used an off brand resin, it’s difficult for us to ascertain (and fix) the problem. 

Secondly, our training compliance requires you to use Esprit resin, to ensure that the kit and subsequent repairs pass our high performance standards. Some resins haven’t been performance tested at all, meaning that the repair might not be as strong, clear and safe as a new windscreen. Esprit strongly believes in performance testing our products and our repair systems and resin have repeatedly passed independent testing to BS AU 251: 1994 (UK) and AS/NZ 2336.2:1999 (AUS/NZ). These international standards test repaired glass against the performance tests for new windscreens. These tests are aligned to windscreen repair standards around the world (ROLAGS – USA, AFNOR – EU, ISO 3587). 

If you’re choosing an off brand resin, ask your supplier which performance tests their resin has passed, and ask to see evidence of these tests. 

Thirdly, repairs using off brand resin aren’t covered by our warranty, because we simply can’t guarantee a great repair with resin that hasn’t gone through that rigorous performance test.

Contact us if you have any questions about our resin and your resin needs.