How come Esprit only sell one type of resin? Don’t I need a different type for different repairs?

The short answer is – no. Some companies sell a variety of different resins; tinted, thick and thin etc, but really this is just a marketing tool to encourage people to buy numerous resins, it isn’t necessary with the Esprit system – with the Esprit system you only need one. Our resin is suitable for chips, breaks and cracks for all types of windscreens, including tinted windscreens. Contact us if you have any questions at all about your resin needs.

How many repairs should I get from a 2ml bottle?

Each repair only uses 0.2ml of resin, measured in the syringe that comes in the resin pack. So you should be able to get around 8-10 repairs out of your 2ml bottle (allowing for a little excess), and 18-20 out of your 5ml bottle. As you can see, repairs are very cost effective, given that a resin pack sold at retail price is only around £12.00.

If you’re not getting that many repairs, check that you’re measuring the correct amount on the syringe, check that there isn’t resin on the screen after the repair, and check the online training video to make sure you’re using the syringe correctly to get the resin out of the bottle. If you’re still having issues, contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

Why do we sell resin in smaller bottles as well as larger, 50ml bottles?

Well, simply because that’s what our customers want! Some of our customers carry out repairs all the time, and for them, the bigger bottle might work better. For our occasional repairers, a smaller bottle is probably more appropriate. Also, our customers tell us that they like the small bottle – it’s easy to use and easy to keep track of the contents. We’ll always listen to what our customers tell us works best for them.

What can I reuse in my resin pack?

The injectors, syringes and needles are all designed to be cleaned and reused a number of times. The stainless steel injectors should last for many years and the syringes and plastic injectors, if looked after well, can last for 20+ repairs. To look after them, just ensure you clean them promptly after using with the Esprit E-Spray and a paper towel. When you do need replacements, just contact us, and we’ll despatch your new goods that day.