As you know, training is really important to us at Esprit as we strongly believe that although our kit is easy to use, training ensures that you and your customers will get the best out of every repair. Our training is now IMI accredited and we’ve been working hard on ensuring that our online training works really well. We’ve got customers all over the world, and our online training means that you and your customers can be trained wherever you are located. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or a computer.

Our training videos are also available for free on our website which is a great first look, or refresher if you haven’t carried out repairs in a while. 

Our online demos are also free and are a great opportunity to see how the kit works, and to ask questions. If any of our distributors would like to arrange training or demos with customers or potential customers, that’s fine too, we’re always happy to help.

We also train at our premises in Newcastle Under Lyme, and you can also arrange onsite training for a fee, and this is a great option if you have a group of people all wanting to be trained at the same time. 

Contact us at for any questions about training and also to book a time slot.