BS AU 251:1994. This standard is a performance standard for windscreen repair equipment.
Repairs are tested to the same performance standards as original windscreens for strength, optical performance and resistance to climatic effects. Esprit has passed this test

AS/NZS 2366.2. This is the Australia & New Zealand Test. It is the same as BS AU251:1994 in all areas except that 2366.2 has a long crack (350mm) option. Esprit has passed this test.

These tests are for windscreen repair systems including their chemicals. They are NOT a test for a stand-alone resin. This means that mix and match systems will not be suitable for repairs to national standards.

BS AU 242:1998.
This is a code of practice governing the types of damage that can be repaired and their location on the windscreen. You must use equipment that has passed BS AU 251:1994 to comply with BS AU 242:1998. Esprit equipment is suitable for this.

BS EN ISO 9001:2008 This is a quality management system for companies.