Repairing windscreens offers a huge range of benefits to both the customer and the company providing the repair. Repairing a chip as soon after it’s discovered restores the strength of the windscreen, reducing the likelihood of further damage and an expensive replacement. It also prevents the risk of the windscreen fragmenting in the event of an accident.

There are clear environmental benefits to repairing a screen rather than replacing and discarding an existing screen. Esprit windscreen repair kits restore 100% of the strength of the original glass and over 86% of the clarity making the windscreen as strong as it was before the damage. This also ensures the repairs pass road worthiness tests. For a fleet operator, an Esprit repair can be easily effected within 20 minutes, reducing fleet downtime and ensuring that cars, buses and coaches can get straight back out onto the roads.

All types of laminated windscreens can be repaired – clear and tinted, heated and unheated, cars, coaches and commercial vehicles. Repairs are cheap to conduct, typically costing around £2.00 and provide an excellent value add service for garages, workshops and technicians looking to provide exceptional customer service in addition to other detailing, servicing or maintenance work.