A car’s windscreen can become chipped and cracked through driving consistently throughout the week and, according to the RAC, driving with a cracked windscreen is a motoring offence. Why? Even a small crack can obscure your vision and therefore pose a danger to yourself and other motorists.

The Highway Code states that all vehicle glass should be maintained in a good condition and drivers could be considered liable should they get into an accident. This can lead to the charge of a more serious driving offence, including a fixed penalty of three points on the licence and a fine.

Yet, despite this it’s not uncommon for motorists to fail to book their car into a garage to have its windscreen repaired promptly, continuing to drive around with a cracked windscreen. This factor alone could cause a car to fail its MOT.

Esprit Pro windscreen repair resin is a high-quality UV windscreen repair resin that will seamlessly repair cracked windows – fully compliant to BS EU 251:1994 Class A standards and Australia and New Zealand standard AS/NZ 2366.2:1999 Category C standards.

Different Kinds of Resin

Different types of resin are used to repair the varying degrees of windscreen damage. Deep cracks or significant chips will need to be repaired with a thicker concentrate of liquid. Slight cracks or smaller chips can usually be repaired with a thinner consistency of resin.

If you’re in any doubt over the consistency of the resin you need, it’s advised that you use a thicker resin. This will penetrate deeper into your windscreen’s chip or crack and leave as close to a seamless finish as possible.

Most consumer resin kits contain low viscosity resin. Whereas they may be adept at fixing minor chips and scratches, they are not proficient in fixing large, deep chips. Professional resin kits, like Esprit Pro, however, can repair deeper windscreen chips making them the ideal solution to save you money.

Depending on the size of the windscreen repair resin you choose. Typically, 2ml of resin will repair up to 10 chips and scratches. 50ml of resin will repair as many as 250 windscreens.

Performance and Longevity

Consumer kit resin is typically thin. Though such resin could be perfectly fine in fixing minor windscreen blemishes, large, deep chips will require a professional, thicker consistency resin.

Typically, 2ml of Esprit Pro windscreen repair resin will fix up to 10 chips and scratches. Larger bottles, such as our 50ml of resin, will fix the chips and scratches of as many as 250 windscreens. This makes Esprit Pro the ideal solution for either professional or personal use.

How to Apply Resin

To apply the resin, you’ll need a special syringe or similar instrument. The liquid can then be easily transferred onto a chipped or cracked windscreen. Most resins, including Esprit Pro resin require exposure to UV light for the resin to harden.

Resin can take five minutes or to an hour to set. Most repair kits will give you an indication of the length of time needed for the resin or harden. Don’t forget, you mustn’t touch the resin whilst it’s setting as at this stage it’s still in its liquid form.

Does Windscreen Repair Resin Work?

In short, yes but there are conditions. Windscreen repair kits are designed to disguise the appearance of chips and cracks and prevent them growing larger. Most, especially none-professional resin windscreen repair kits, do not fix any underlying windscreen weaknesses nor are they capable of fixing deeper chips or scratches.

Remember too, the best results are only achieved when windscreen repair resin is applied as soon as possible. The longer you wait to fix and chips or cracks on your windscreen, the more likely they’ll grow and could result in you having to pay for a costly windscreen replacement.

Moreover, windscreen repair kits generally only fix chips that are less than 2.5cm in diameter and cracks no longer than 30cm. If your chip or crack is larger, it’s best that you visit a local garage to get their opinion.

Esprit Pro windscreen repair resin is one of the most effective resins on the market today. Trusted by motorists across the UK, it can seamlessly resolve significant chips and scratches, making your car safe to drive.

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