It doesn’t seem long ago that we were talking about how to get the best from your repair whilst repairing in the cold, and now we’re talking about repairing on warm sunny days.

There are a couple of areas to take into consideration when repairing on a warm sunny day. Firstly, the resin should be kept inside and in the shade until you use it, and once you have removed the resin from the bottle, get the lid back on and the bottle back into the shade. This will prevent any of the resin curing in the bottle with the UV sunlight. Also, make sure that you clean your syringe after using it, or use a fresh one if you’re concerned that there is old resin left inside. This will ensure a perfectly clear repair.

It’s also a good idea to carry out the repair in the shade if possible, and if a vehicle has been parked in the sun for a long time before repair, it’s best to move it into the shade for 20 minutes or so before you do the repair to allow the screen to cool.

An important part of your kit is also the UV shield which, placed on the screen around the repair will prevent UV light from starting to cure the resin before you’re ready.

Did you know? In the early days of windscreen repair, we actually left vehicles in the sun to cure the resin, before the use of UV and LED lamps was pioneered. We wouldn’t recommend this though, it took all day to cure fully and we certainly couldn’t vouch for the ongoing quality of the end repair. What took all day back in the 1980s takes 75 seconds with our LED lamp!