1. How many repairs should I get out of my 2ml and 5ml resin bottle?

Each repair uses 0.2ml of resin, which is measured in the syringe included with your resin pack. Allowing for a little excess, we believe that you should be able to get 8-10 repairs out of your 2ml bottle and 18-20 out of your 5ml bottle. If you’re not getting this many repairs, check out a few things;

  • Am I measuring 0.2ml on the syringe carefully?
  • Is there resin on the screen after the repair – this usually means that excess has overflowed.
  • Check out the online training video for a careful explanation of how to use your syringe and resin bottle.

2. What can I re use in my Esprit resin pack?

The injectors, syringes and needles are all designed to be cleaned and re used. You can also clean and re use the UV film. To clean injectors, syringes and needles, simply use a piece of paper towel, push it inside the injector/syringe and work it through. The UV film can be simply wiped clean. Don’t use any cleaning products or even water as this can affect your next repair. Clean as soon as you’ve finished doing the repair, and your items should last for 20+ repairs. Replacements can be ordered cheaply and quickly from Esprit online and will be dispatched the same day if ordered before 2.00pm.

3. How should I use the drill?

The drill is used to clean debris and fragments of glass from the impact crater before you start work on it, meaning that resin can more fully penetrate the repair and provide a better result. Wearing your safety glasses, tilt the drill and rest your hand on the screen, and the drill on your hand. Use small motions to clean the crater. Make sure you don’t press too hard as you don’t want to hit the laminate. Check out the training video on our website which shows exactly how to use the drill for the best effect.

4. What should I know about repairing in the heat or the sunshine?

If you’re repairing outside on a warm day, the important thing to take into account is that your resin will start to cure more quickly, both in the bottle when you open it, and on the screen.

  • If the car has been parked in the full sun, move it to a shady area to cool down.
  • Keep the resin inside or under cover for as long as possible and keep the bottle closed until you’re ready to use it.
  • A UV shield is included in your kit, which prevents premature curing of the resin.
  • Also, remember to close your resin bottle and store it away from heat and sun as soon as you have removed the resin from it.

5. What should I know about repairing in cold weather?

Once you have prepared the repair and are ready to inject the resin, use your Esprit heater to warm the screen. Heating the screen ensures that the resin can fully penetrate all the tiny cracks, meaning that the repair is strong all the way through. Using the Esprit heater means that the screen doesn’t get over hot. If the screen overheats (eg if you use a lighter), the cracks can actually fuse together and close, meaning that the resin can’t penetrate fully. The Esprit heater won’t get too hot, so apply that to the screen and test with the back of your hand. When it’s skin temperature, you’re ready to apply the resin.

6. What can I do to protect the bonnet of the car while I’m doing the repair?

If you follow the steps set out in the online training video, the repair is safe and won’t damage the bonnet of the car. However, if resin comes into contact with paint, it could damage it if not removed promptly. You can therefore purchase an Esprit branded bonnet cover which will protect the car, and looks really professional too. Buy these on our website.