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Fleet & HGV

Fleet & HGV Windscreen Repair

If you run a fleet of vehicles, having the ability to carry out your own windscreen repairs means that you’ll save both time and money. The quicker a repair is carried out, the better the result you’ll get, so if you have the ability to repair on site, you can have the vehicle back on the road that day.

Repairs take around 30 minutes to carry out, meaning your vehicles have minimal downtime – certainly much less than having to call in a repairer, or take the vehicle to a repair station.

Windscreens on fleet vehicles are often expensive to replace, and sometimes require specialist replacement skills, and yet with the Esprit system, repairs can be carried out on any screen, simply and effectively. Esprit sell to a number of specialist fleets, including the British Army, Police and Fire Services and Australian Defence Force.

You’ll receive training with your Esprit kit, and can also have refresher training online or in person. Our training is IMI approved and you can also check out our training videos online if there’s anything you’re unsure of.

Our products are manufactured in Staffordshire and we also have a Staffordshire based office with knowledgeable staff who will be able to assist with any queries. However, we also ship our products anywhere in the world, we’re a truly global company.

We stock the Elite and Compact kits – both are filled with the same high quality, performance tested products; the Compact kit is the perfect kit for the occasional repairer.

Esprit is one of the few kits on the market to have repeatedly passed worldwide performance tested standards – give us a call today to see how we can help


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Esprit Professional Fleet & HGV Windscreen Repair Kits & Training in Staffordshire