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Professional Repairers

Professional Windscreen Repairers

Esprit is the kit of choice for professional repairers worldwide. Companies such as Halfords, National Windscreens and Nationwide group all have used Esprit for many years. The Esprit system is simple to use, and training is included with a purchase. The system is also cost effective, repairs cost in the region of £2.50 to carry out and depending on what you charge, the profit margin is generally in the region of 80-90%.

The Esprit system is performance tested and you can therefore trust that you’ll get a great result every time, and that the repaired screen will perform in the same was as a new screen in an accident.

We dispatch goods for next day delivery, and we also have knowledgeable staff on the telephone from our base in Staffordshire. We also ship our products worldwide, we’re truly a global company.

Need training? Training is included in the price of the kit, and can be in person or online. Our training video is also available on our website and we also carry out refresher training and online demos.

We’re confident that with over 40 years of experience selling to the professional repairer that you won’t find a better, easier to use, reasonably priced system on the market.


Answer these questions and find out which will best suit your needs


Do you carry out more than 10 repairs per month?


Do you carry out the majority of your repairs outside?


Have you carried out windscreen repair before?

Esprit Professional Industry Windscreen Repair Kits & Training in Staffordshire