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MOT / Garage

MOT / Garage Windscreen Repair

The Esprit Windscreen Repair kit is a must have addition to any garage. Windscreen repairs using the Esprit system cost around £2.50 to carry out, and you can charge around £25-50 depending on the area you’re based in, giving you a useful extra profit line. Offering repair also means you can provide an all round service to your customers and means they won’t take their car to a garage that does offer windscreen repair – happy customers means repeat customers.

A successful repair carried out using the Esprit system and processes will meet the MOT requirements, unless the chip is unusually large or old and moisture has damaged the inter layer.

You can feel confident in carrying out repairs as with the purchase of the Elite kit, you can receive training, either in person or online. Our training is IMI approved and you can also check out our training videos for free online.  Esprit is one of a handful of kits that have passed performance testing, meaning you can be confident that you’ll get a great result every time.

Esprit is also based in the UK, with staff who can answer your queries based in Staffordshire. We also offer next day delivery of consumables (such as resin) if you order before 3pm. We also ship our products anywhere in the world, we’re a truly global company.

Esprit have over 40 years of supplying to the motor industry, you can trust that with the expertise of Esprit, you’ll get great results every time, and your customers will return every time they need their MOT or other repairs.


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Esprit Professional MOT / Garage Windscreen Repair Kits & Training in Staffordshire