Performance Testing Standards

In 1994, insurance companies and the windscreen repair industry worked together to create a series of performance tests that would ensure windscreen repair equipment and processes would restore a chipped or cracked windscreen safely and reliably. These performance tests became a global set of standards across all major markets and ensured a repaired screen would perform similarly to a new windscreen in event of accident or weather events.

At Esprit we believe these tests underpin the industry’s ability to repair this critical piece of vehicle infrastructure.

Knowing that a repaired screen will not lose optical clarity or lose its safety performance in the event of a collision gives everyone confidence in the repair process.

Esprit has passed the regulated performance testing in Britain (BS AU 251:1994) on multiple occasions, which ensures we are compliant with BS AU 242a:1998 as well as BS AU242b:2022. In addition, we have also passed the Australian/ New Zealand standards (AS/ NZ 2366.2) which includes a long crack tests up to 350mm. These tests meet all current UK, US, European and Australia and New Zealand test protocols, so wherever you’re repairing you can be confident Esprit equipment and resin will provide you and your customer a high quality repair.

In addition Esprit is proud to be accredited with “Made in Britain” credentials as well as having been awarded IMI certification.

We are also current holders of ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for which we are assessed annually.