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BTB Standard (Yellow) Blades Non-Serrated

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The cutting tip of the YELLOW blades are rounded on top and flat underneath. Designed to cut with the flat side against the glass surface, leaving the urethane on the vehicle body.

The non serrated blades are also used for body moulding, badge & emblem removal in the bodyshop/dismantler environment.

For help selecting the correct blade please download the BTB Parts Guide »

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Blade Type

WK1 300mm long flat blade, WK1X 370mm extra long flat blade, WK1ZX 370mm offset extra long blade, WK2 240mm medium flat blade, WK3 200mm bent blade (Curved Glass), WK4 190mm bent blade (Curved Glass), WK4Z 140mm General Purpose Z blade, WK5 130mm Trim blade, WK18Z 140mm Spade Blade, WK19Z 180mm Spade blade, WK24 240mm long bent blade (curved glass), WK24Z 150mm Z blade (Flexible blade)