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Esprit E-Spray is an effective, economical cleaning solution, containing 100% IPA. This cleaning agent contains no CFCs or chlorinated solvents. It will quickly and safely clean the area around a break or chip in a windscreen prior to a repair being carried out. It is also suitable for the cleaning of windscreen repair equipment which has come into contact with repair resin after use. This includes the injectors, syringes, needles and surfacing blades.

E-Spray IPA is harmless to most plastics and rubbers. Painted surfaces should be tested prior to use. E-Spray should be used with the relevant protective equipment in a well ventilated area.

E-Spray is available in 100ml bottles, with a pump action dispersal system. Best used with a lint free cloth or paper towel.

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Features and Benefits

  • 100ml fine mist spray
  • Just a small spray is required for each repair
  • Residue free cleaning performance
  • Removes oil and grease from the surface to aid positioning of the bridge and prevent contamination of the break
  • Can be used to aid moisture removal from the break/chip
  • Used to clean equipment after use, without impacting future use of the equipment
  • Fast evaporation time