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Heater / Evaporator

£73.49 +VAT

The Esprit 12v Heater / Evaporator can be used to both remove moisture from damage and to warm the inside of the screen to ensure the resin reaches every part of the damage.

The 12v heater comes with a Cigar plug or 2.1 socket Dual Voltage fitting.

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Use the Esprit branded heater to warm the screen before and during the repair to allow the resin to flow into every tiny crack.

Fitted with a thermal cut-out this heater will warm to the perfect temperature and won’t overheat the screen or damage the interlayer as unregulated heat sources can . Safe and easy to use, with a snap-lock lid to protect the car interior in case it slips. Plus it looks way more professional than a lighter.

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Voltage / Plug Fitting

Cigar Plug, 2.1 Socket Dual Voltage